Hedges at Hawthorne

Hedges at Hawthorne

Transforming Comfort and Aesthetics at Hedges at Hawthorne Apartment Complex

Hedges at Hawthorne
Product Installed
Manual Roller Shades with Solar and Privacy Fabrics
204 Wagaraw Road, Hawthorne, N.J.

Hedges at Hawthorne is a thriving luxury apartment complex that is dedicated to providing its residents with a comfortable and stylish living environment. Recognizing the need to enhance both aesthetics and functionality, the owners of Hedges at Hawthorne made a strategic decision to engage LVC Interiors, a reputable window treatment company, for the installation of shades throughout the property.


Hedges at Hawthorne is a well-established residential community that offers a range of amenities and modern living spaces to its residents. The new complex boasts beautiful views and abundant natural light. The window treatments needed to support the properties aesthetics while also addressing residents’ diverse needs. Management sought to improve occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and overall aesthetics.


Resident Comfort

Resident comfort and satisfaction are top priorities at Hedges at Hawthorne. Selecting window treatments that controlled sunlight and provided privacy to its tenants was a must.

Energy Efficiency

Management aimed to reduce energy consumption and operational costs. The new window treatments needed to effectively regulate indoor temperatures, assisting to reduce cooling and heating expenses.

Aesthetics and Property Appeal

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the property is crucial for attracting and retaining residents. The window treatments needed to enhance the overall ambiance and style of the apartments.


Hiring LVC Interiors to consult with design, measure, and install window shades offered a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

Enhanced Resident Comfort: LVC Interiors provided a range of shade options that allowed residents to control incoming sunlight, reduce glare, and enhance privacy. This contributed to a more comfortable and adaptable living environment.

Improved Energy Efficiency: Modern window shades from LVC Interiors were designed to optimize energy efficiency. They effectively mitigated temperature fluctuations, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design: LVC Interiors offered a wide selection of stylish and customizable window shades, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the apartments and common areas, thus elevating the property’s curb appeal.


By selecting LVC Interiors for shade installation, Hedges at Hawthorne achieved numerous advantages:

Higher Resident Satisfaction: Improved comfort and aesthetics contributed to higher resident satisfaction and tenant retention.

Energy Savings: Enhanced energy efficiency led to reduced utility costs and supported the property’s sustainability goals.

Elevated Property Appeal: The updated window treatments transformed the property’s visual appeal, making it more attractive to potential residents.


Hiring LVC Interiors for window shade installation at Hedges at Hawthorne was a strategic investment in resident comfort, energy efficiency, and property aesthetics. The collaboration with a trusted partner has yielded long-term benefits that positively impact tenant satisfaction, operational efficiency, and the overall desirability of the apartment complex in Hawthorne, New Jersey’s competitive rental market.

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