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Valley Hospital

Enhancing Patient Comfort and Energy Efficiency at Valley Hospital with Professional Window Shade Installation

Valley Hospital / Torcon
Product Installed
Automated (SolarTrac) Solar Shades with PVC-Free Fabric by Mechoshade
Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, New Jersey

Valley Hospital is a leading healthcare facility dedicated to providing exceptional patient care in the heart of our community. The hospital continually strives to create a comfortable and healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors. To further enhance the patient experience and improve energy efficiency, Valley Hospital/Torcon hired LVC Interiors, a professional window treatment company, to install automated shades throughout their new facility in Paramus, New Jersey.


A new Valley Hospital is under construction in Paramus, New Jersey. It will be comprised of 370 single-patient rooms, designed for enhanced patient privacy, safety, and comfort.

LVC Interiors has been hired to oversee, manage, and install, window treatments throughout the hospital due to our experience with working on large projects with automation.

Understanding Valley Hospitals goal of creating a safe, state of the art facility that is focused on patient comfort, LVC Interiors recommended the installation of Mechoshades. These window treatments will control incoming sunlight, contributing to added comfort for patients and staff. Additionally, they will regulate indoor temperatures, resulting in increased energy consumption and costs.


Patient Comfort

Patients’ comfort is a top priority at Valley Hospital. Uncontrolled sunlight can create glare and heat, making it challenging for patients to rest and recover.

Energy Efficiency

The hospital is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint. The window treatments need to effectively block or filter sunlight, leading to reduced cooling costs during hot months.

Privacy and Security

Ensuring patient privacy and security is essential. The selected window treatments will offer adequate privacy, enhancing patient confidentiality.


Hiring a professional window treatment company to install shades throughout Valley Hospital offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

Improved Patient Comfort: Professional window shades can be customized to control the amount of incoming sunlight, reducing glare and heat. This enhances the overall comfort of patients, allowing them to rest and recover more effectively. In the patient rooms, the motorized shades integrate with the pillow remotes for maximum comfort and ease.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Modern window shades are designed to optimize energy efficiency. They can help regulate indoor temperatures by blocking excessive heat during the summer and retaining warmth during the winter. This will reduce the hospital’s energy consumption and utility costs.

Privacy and Security: High-quality window shades provide enhanced privacy without compromising aesthetics. Patients can feel confident that their privacy and confidentiality are maintained while still benefiting from natural light.


By hiring a window treatment company to install shades, Valley Hospital stands to gain several significant benefits:

Improved Patient Experience: Enhanced comfort and reduced glare will lead to improved patient satisfaction scores and faster recovery times.

Energy Savings: The hospital can expect to reduce its energy consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings over time.

Environmental Responsibility: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency aligns with modern healthcare best practices and attracts environmentally conscious patients and staff.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Well-designed window shades will improve the overall aesthetics of patient rooms and common areas, contributing to a more welcoming environment.


Valley Hospital and Torcon’s decision to hire LVC Interiors as the professional window treatment company to install shades represents a strategic investment in patient comfort, energy efficiency, and overall operational excellence. This comprehensive solution will not only improve the patient experience but also demonstrate the hospital’s commitment to responsible resource management and environmental sustainability. By choosing a trusted window treatment partner, Valley Hospital is poised to achieve long-term benefits that will positively impact both patients and the organization.

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