NYU Paulson Center

NYU Paulson Center

Enhancing Functionality and Aesthetics at NYU’s Paulson Center

NYU’s Paulson Center, New York City
Product Installed
3,750 Manual and Automated Solar Shades
181 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012

NYU’s Paulson Center is a renowned institution dedicated to cutting-edge research, innovation, and academic excellence. The administration recognized the importance of optimizing the functionality and aesthetics of their spaces, prompting them to engage LVC Interiors, a leading window treatment company, for the installation of window treatments throughout the facility opening in the Spring/Summer of 2023.


The Paulson Center, situated in the heart of New York City, serves as a hub for academic, research, administrative activities, and Student/Faculty Housing. Turner Construction was the general contractor for the multi-billion-dollar project and sought out LVC to handle the furnishing and installation of the window treatments throughout the facility.


Learning and Working Environment

The Paulson Center aimed to create conducive environments for both learning, living, and research.

Energy Efficiency

NYU is committed to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

Aesthetics and Professionalism

Maintaining a polished and professional appearance was essential for a world-class academic institution like NYU.


LVC Interiors offered a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

Optimized Learning and Working Environment: LVC Interiors provided a range of window treatment options tailored to each space’s unique requirements. This allowed for precise control over incoming sunlight, glare reduction, and privacy enhancement, creating more productive and comfortable environments.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: LVC Interiors’ modern window treatments were designed to maximize energy efficiency. They effectively blocked excessive heat during summer and retained warmth during winter, reducing the building’s carbon footprint and operational costs.

Aesthetic Excellence: LVC Interiors offered a selection of sophisticated and customizable window treatments that complemented the building’s architecture and interior design, elevating the institution’s image and professionalism.


By hiring LVC Interiors for window treatment installation, the following solutions were driving forces behind our work:

Improved Learning and Research Environments: Enhanced comfort and functionality fostered a more conducive atmosphere for students and researchers, contributing to academic excellence.

Energy Savings: Enhanced energy efficiency translated into significant cost savings and demonstrated NYU’s commitment to sustainability.

Automation: Based on the sun’s position in the sky and angle to which the glare hit the façade, the motorized shades automatically positioned themselves so enough natural light illuminated the room, but enough so there were no temperature or glare issues.

Customized Solutions: LVC Interiors’ expertise ensured that each space received tailored window treatments, meeting the specific needs of students, faculty, and staff.


Selecting LVC Interiors for window treatment installation at NYU’s Paulson Center was a strategic investment in improved functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. The partnership with a trusted window treatment provider has resulted in long-term benefits that positively impact the learning and working environment, operational efficiency, and the overall reputation of NYU as a leading academic institution in the heart of New York City.

Photo by Davis-Brody-Kieran Timberlake

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